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Introduction to the Animal Thousand Island Festival (Rainbow Festival)

“For not letting me go for many walks...”, “For making me train too strictly...”, “For having me euthanize myself (and not having it done)...”, “I’m sorry, and I love you...”
15 million companion animals, at least 1,100 companion animals (dogs and cats) pass away every day. If you include hamsters, long-lived cows, turtles, etc., the number increases further.
The number of people suffering from PET LOSS syndrome is also increasing. For guardians, the death of a pet is a sorrowful loss of a family member, but to society, it is often a personal matter that must be kept hidden. Experiencing unacknowledged grief leaves caregivers suffering from guilt and depression.
What is needed to overcome Petloss Syndrome is enough time and space to mourn and commemorate.
The animal transfer ceremony is a Buddhist ritual performed to help pets transition from this world to the afterlife. Through the monk's prayers, the guardians gain comfort by wishing for the animal's reincarnation.

We are holding a rainbow festival for people of other religions who are not Buddhists.

Although it is a temple space, each person can freely pray according to their own religious rituals. We collect images of the child while he was alive, commemorate him, and gain peace of mind through loving kindness, music, and meditation.

We also provide a foreign language transfer service for foreigners.



Pet Rainbow Festival
(Prayer Festival)

Main purpose For pet owners consolation of loss
Customers General public, non-Buddhists
Content ① Respect for departed animals
② Prayer ritual
(If you want an informal relocation ceremony or a Christian or Catholic ceremony, there will be a voluntary prayer time)
③ Sharing memories
(See pets alive through video)
④ Meditation of loving-kindness
(Meditation ritual for a dead animal. A meditation to soothe the inner child that increases loving-kindness according to the meditation narrator and recognizes that the sadness one experiences is justified.) Or music healing.
⑤ Rite of raising the soul to heaven and its conclusion

Pet transfer ceremony
(for Koreans)

Main purpose Transfer and reincarnation of companion animals
Customer Target Buddhists
Content ① Respect for departed animals
② Prayer ritual
(Following formal Buddhist rituals. Within 1 hour)
③ Sharing memories
(See pets alive through video)
④ Ceremony and conclusion of raising the soul to heaven

Pet transfer system
(for foreigners)

Main purpose Experiencing the Cheondo Festival for pets of foreigners residing in Korea and experiencing Korean shamanic culture
Customers Foreigners or tourists residing in Korea
Content ① Respect for departed animals
② Prayer ritual
(Prayer ceremony conducted in English, Japanese, and Spanish)
③ Cheondo’s Bara Dance
④ Possession experience and sorrowful mourning
⑤ Rite of raising the soul to heaven and its conclusion

Service Location

Pet Cheondo Doryang Beommansa Temple

  • 02047) Beopmansa Temple, 100 Dongil-ro 140-gil, Jungnang-gu, Seoul
  • MAIL : ddubuk1@naver.com
  • A prayer temple specializing in animals that prays for the reincarnation and transfer of pets to India 365 days a year with the true spirit of mindfulness and awareness.
  • Subway: 10-minute walk from Junghwa Station on Subway Line 7

Program amount information

Service Amount Include Not Included
Cheondoje Basic Cheondoje
(40 Minutes)
500,000 won 1) Shrine offerings: Marji, fruit
2) Feast of fate: photos, memorial tablets, food
3) Event details: Cheondojae Buddhist offering
4) Same-day meeting
After the relocation ceremony, lotus lanterns, prayer candles, etc.
Heaven Cheondoje
(1 Hours)
1.5 million won 1) Offerings at the shrine: marigold, fruit, raw rice, rice cake
2) Feast of fate: photos, memorial tablets, food, clothing
3) Event content: Cheondojae Buddhist service, memorial song
4) Lighting candles for one year, including prayers
Rebirth Cheondoje
(1 hour 20 minutes)
3 million won 1) Offerings at the shrine: marigolds, fruits, raw rice, rice cakes, flower baskets
2) Favors: Photos, memorial tablets, food, toys, high-quality clothing
3) Event contents: Cheondojae Buddhist service, various memorial performances
4) Lighting candles for 3 years, including prayers
Rainbow Festival (Simple Cheondoje) 500,000 won 1) Shrine offerings: Marji, fruit
2) Feast of fate: photos, memorial tablets, food
3) Event details: Cheondojae ceremony and consolation for sorrow
4) Same-day meeting
Cheondoje for foreigners 1 million won 1) Shrine offerings: Marji, fruit
2) Feast of fate: photos, memorial tablets, food
3) Event details: Cheondoje experience, Korean shamanism experience
4) Same-day meeting

Frequently Asked Questions

Research shows that the average time it takes for a guardian who loses a beloved pet to recover to normal life is two years.
Despite the explosive increase in the number of companion animals, our society is unable to accept Pet Loss Syndrome as a social phenomenon.
In Japan, temples are important places to mourn pets.
The purpose of Cheondoje is to comfort the guardians of Petloss Syndrome and empathize with their sadness.
For the people of Korea, Buddhism is also a life faith that is established in the realm of the unconscious, regardless of religion.
Praying for a peaceful afterlife for an animal I love is an act that transcends any religion.
Praying for the peace of animals is an act that gives great stability and comfort to their living guardians.
A formal Cheondoje service is provided for Buddhists, and a general rainbow ritual service is provided for non-Buddhists.
There will be no funeral service.
It's the same way that people's 49 rites are held separately from funerals at regular temples.
You can use the relinquishment service at any time immediately after your pet's death or even after some time has passed, and we generally recommend that you perform the relinquishment service within 7 days of your pet's death.
Rather than holding on to the feeling of loss for a long time, it is necessary to overcome pet loss through a ritual such as a ritual of rebirth.
You can post letters and photos in the child's memory room on the website or send them to ddubuk1@naver.com.
And you can attend the Cheondoje with an empty body.
We provide a service where a monk prays at a set time 365 days a year by lighting lanterns and candles for pets.
The name of a pet called by a religious person every day will be a great comfort to the guardian.
We are also currently creating a space where you can store photos and souvenirs of your pet and visit Beopmansa Temple at any time to reminisce about your pet.
The purpose is to allow foreigners or tourists in Korea to experience Korea's Cheondoje culture and shamanic culture combined with Buddhism.
The program is conducted in English, Japanese, and Spanish, and the ceremony includes content such as bara dance and animal possession experience.

Animal Cheondoje in progress


Cheondoje? rainbow ceremony For foreigners

개인정보 수집 및 이용 안내

귀하의 개인정보는 하기 정책에 따라 수집 및 이용 됩니다.
NI는 상담 문의 대응과 관련 소식 제공을 위하여 다음과 같이 귀하의 개인정보를 수집 · 이용하며, 전달주신 정보는 안전하게 관리됩니다.


수집 · 이용 목적  원하시는 프로젝트의 견적, 일정 등에 대한 대응과 NI 관련 소식 및 이벤트 소식을 보내드리기 위해 수집됩니다.
수집 · 이용 항목  필수항목 : 회사명, 담당자명/직책, 연락처, 이메일, 필요한 서비스 항목
선택항목 : 상품 및 서비스
보유 · 이용 기간  개인정보 수집 및 이용에 관한 동의 후 3년 간 개인정보를 보유하고, 이후 해당 정보를 지체 없이 파기합니다.
단, 법률에 의해 보존 의무가 있는 경우에는 법령이 지정한 일정 기간 동안 보존합니다.
동의 거부권 및 불이익 안내  위와 관련한 동의를 거부할 권리가 있으나 필수정보 수집에 동의하지 않는 경우 상담 서비스를 받으실 수 없습니다. 본인이 등록한 선택항목 정보는 수집 · 이용에 대해 동의한 것으로 간주하며 수집 항목에 동의하지 않는 경우 별도의 불이익은 없습니다.
최종 수정 날짜 : 2023년 10월 15일

서비스 이용약관에 대한 내용을 입력하십시오.

"The time I spent with you was short, but it was that much more special and touching.

I'm sorry that we lacked walking, training, and mutual understanding. I'm sorry I couldn't be a better companion.

It's a sad farewell that you're going, but I believe it will be even greater happiness if you go to a comfortable place.

Now I won't feel any more pain.

Your memory will always live in my heart, and that love will last forever. Hello, my friend. "I'm sorry and I love you."

Pet memory room

This is an online memorial space. This is a space to commemorate your pet by writing letters and posting pictures of your pet when it was alive.
Guardians who have applied for the Cheondoje and Rainbow Ritual will have their letters here read out during the event and their photos will be framed and kept.